is the five year (2012-2016) joint research and innovation programme at Luke (Natural Resources Institute Finland) and VTT (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland). It covers the whole span of forest energy value chain from biomass production, supply chain to conversion plant and end use.

The economic and ecological implications of all phases of the chain are in the scope of the research. Complimentary to current high level of forest management and utilization practices, new innovative solutions will be developed with proven knowledge of sustainability of forest ecosystems. Increasing bioenergy applications are the primary goal, however the knowledge can be used in the future for joint activities on wider scope of forest utilization in the global bioeconomy.

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Wood-based energy in Iceland – believe it or not!

Today, there are  wide swathes of land in Iceland where forests are growing rapidly and wood is  utilised in a multitude of ways. Things would not go quite as smoothly using  just local know-how; international forestry know-how and competence has also  been imported into the island nation. Metla has done a lot of research and  development work for the Icelandic forestry industry with its various project partners. Read more. (1.7.2014)


Properties of indigenous fuels in Finland, VTT Technology (9/2016)

Sustainability of forest energy in Northern Europe  (17.11.2015)

Cascading use of wood in Finland – with comparison to selected EU countries -research report


Low Carbon Finland 2050 platform

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PromoBio Guidebook is published

PromoBio Guidebook is the info package on Local Bioenergy Supply based on Woody Biomass in Austria, Finland, Poland, Romania and Slovakia with about 150 pages. It has been printed in English, Polish, Romanian and Slovak languages and the book is available without any charges. Electronic versions can be downloaded here. (1.7.2014)


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Mobilization of woody biomass for energy and industrial use - Smart logistics for forest residues, pruning and dedicated plantations
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 Summary of the INFRES project results