Doing a road trip is just about one of the best things you can ever experience in America. For starters you may need to have a car which is quite easy, you can simply search for a 24 hour car rental near you and after sorting the papers and requirements you are good to go.


Without proper planning a road trip can easily go south. To make sure you have the best adventure possible this are the kind of things that you may need that will always come in handy.

• The owners manual

After renting a car you need to have this always by your side just in case you get hit by some pleasant surprises about the car. You may need to tamper with some components of the car and the manual will surely come in handy if certain features turn out to be a little different from what you are used to or expected.

• Self care items

This includes items such as toilet papers, wipes, sunscreen, flip flops or towels. You may just get stuck in a hostel with no towel after taking a dip in water and that may actually be a huge unnecessary pain.

• Some tech

Even with the lack of WiFi you can’t afford to leave your phone at home. In this new age a smart phone will serve you a great load of purposes. You can easily access some handy features such as music applications to supplement your playlist or even a gas application to help you find your way to the nearest cheapest gas station in case you need to save some money.


It’s very hard to settle on one route and crown it as the absolute since America is quite a vast country. But you are guaranteed that all the routes will definitely take you to amazing places. Nonetheless i will still mention some of the best you can take. This are;-

• Route 66

• Pacific coast highway

• Great river road

The loneliest road

• Overseas highway

Hill country

• The high road to Taos

For you to experience this great country at it’s best you just have to get on the open roads, far away from all the hassles of the cities. It’s all down to you. With the numerous 24 hour car rental service providers near you, all that is left is only for you to call your booking consultant and arrange to pick up when that time comes.